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Warm Leads Audit

Lead quality and frequency is a critical part of a healthy sales pipeline. We'll look at the kinds of leads you are getting, or want to receive, along with the source of those leads to identify fresh ways you can boost lead quality and quantity without resorting to one of the dozens of lead gen agency pitches that you get each month.

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Only 1 in 5 leads delivered to sales is actually qualified
HubSpot Research

No Lead Education

All of the education about your differentiators is left to the salesperson and the lead is not prepared for a conversation about what makes you different.

Poor Qualification
Leads are only qualified by a simple web form or email response without any idea if they fit your ideal client profile - if they are worth the time.
Lead Behavior is Unknown
The actual behavior of the lead on your website, in response to emails, events and social posts is a mystery so the sales person goes in blind.

Get a boost to your lead quality

We'll talk about concrete ways that you can improve your leads without hiring a lead gen agency, or buying ads. This is a no catch - no pitch meeting.

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We like to
get stuff done.

Story Collaborative operates on the agile principle of get stuff done. What that means for you: all of our workshops and services serve the goal of helping you take tangible steps that matter.

We're a sales-aligned
growth team.

We work as an outsource growth team that is sales aligned. No silo'd marketing, or digital work, that isn't informed by sales. The practical bottom-line question is always: "did it create valuable sales conversions?"