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Pocket Guide to Social Video

Welcome to the Pocket Guide to Social Video!

This is a five part series. You can enjoy the first video in the series below, "What's the goal?" In this video, you'll learn some real-world examples of what you can ask of your audience, think of the why of your video, and discover what are the three Es of effective video.

If you like this video and you want to see more in the series, fill out the form to the right! You'll be redirected to the next video in the series, "Where will it live?" that will show you some strategies on what channels to use, teach you how long your video should be, and introduce to you the concept of the Viral Verisimilitude.

The rest of the videos in the Pocket Guide to Social Video will cover topics such as:

  • Where should your video go?
  • Whether or not to use sound for your video
  • Tips for using your camera, whatever it may be
  • Editing software for your iPhone, GoPro, and DSLR camera

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