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Stand Out from the Competition

Story Deck™ Workshop: How Businesses Map Their Buyer Journey

Third Thursdays at Noon EST

Do these growth factors matter to you?

  • Compete with competitors who have massive marketing budgets
  • Win new customers in a reliable and cost-effective way
  • Fight back against ever-increasing ad budgets with lower and lower return
  • Ensure that sales has plenty of high-quality leads
  • Continue to improve the quality of customers you attract
  • Getting the customer "yes," when you are compared against competitors
  • Be the first one people find when they search
  • Stand out when people are looking for solutions
  • Seamless process for taking online visitors through to a sale

Unlock new growth

Buyer journeys have to be crafted from the combined experience of customers and your marketing and sale teams - they don't just magically appear. You can't buy one in a kit or take a standard formula. 

Uncover and bring together

  1. A fresh way to see your unique differentiators
  2. Your brand story as a practical tool
  3. The real drivers that take customers across the finish line

Once you've crafted your buyer journey, both marketing and sales gain new tools leading to better performance.

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Who should attend

  • C-suite leaders who are focused on RevOps, Sales or Marketing
  • Business owners who are hands on with their sales or marketing teams
  • Marketing Directors, Sales Managers, RevOps leaders
  • Leaders who are planning to rebuild their website or brand imagery

About the presenter

David Mills is the chief growth officer at Story Collaborative He is passionate about crafting winning buyer journeys through the StoryDeckTM process. He understands how to uncover hidden leverage points that move organizations forward. 



Questions we'll address

  • What is the difference between a buyer journey and customer journey, and which one do I need?
  • How do buyer journeys inform brand stories and rebranding?
  • How does a buyer journey improve the way websites are built?
  • How does a buyer journey improve sales or marketing performance?