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Make a Seamless Sales Move


From spreadsheets & Post-it Notes  to  a modern sales CRM .

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It's a Quick Guide

Get insights into the 3 easy steps to make a seamles move from relying upon a mixture of spreadsheets, Post-it Notes, and DIY software to a modern Sales CRM that will increase productivity as it reduces wasted sales time and increases your view into the pipeline.

Make a seamless sales move

Get the playbook

Here's the seamless path to improve sales outcomes
What you can expect:
  • How to evaluate the right sales CRM for your needs
  • What makes for a seamless transition
  • Three easy steps
  • Pitfalls you can avoid




Get the Playbook

We like to
get stuff done.

Story Collaborative operates on the agile principle of get stuff done. What that means for you: all of our workshops and services serve the goal of helping you take tangible steps that matter.

We're a sales-aligned
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We work as an outsource growth team that is sales aligned. No silo'd marketing, or digital work, that isn't informed by sales. The practical bottom-line question is always: "did it create valuable sales conversions?"