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Consistent Flow of Calls from Qualified Leads

When the phone rings on the marketing director's desk, getting a qualified customer on the line is a prized moment. Too often phone calls represent a vendor or a "check the box" price comparison.  Short term solutions like ad campaigns or single strategies can help for a season, but a consistent flow of qualified leads happens when we fill the gaps and use a comprehensive approach.

You can increase qualified leads:

  • Fill critical gaps in the ways that qualified leads find you, gaps your competitors haven't missed
  • Track and watch your lead sources improve every month
  • Learn how to maximize each lead source for shorter closing cycles and a more consistent pipeline

Training + Resources + SEO + Review Building = More Calls

Increase Qualified Calls


Increasing Qualified Calls: Increase the consistent flow of qualified calls with a comprehensive approach to improve all the ways that phone calls come from qualified leads. 

How Story Collaborative Delivers Growth

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What Our Approach Provides

  • Expert training that will help you build and track all the ways to build qualified leads 
  • Increase in first page SEO  
  • Review management software and tools


  • Monthly tracking and reporting 
  • Templates and tools to make your work more effective
  • Coaching to provide insights and ideas for growth
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Increasing Calls from Qualified Leads

Put a comprehensive toolkit to work to address all the areas where quality leads find you and respond.

Gap Analysis



See how you compare with competitors

Get concrete growth ideas

Identify gaps you can fill

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First Call Advantage



Comprehensive approach

Training, Tools and Systems

Monthly tracking & reporting

SEO + Reviews + Referrals and more

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Brand Building + First Call



Combined impact

Local Leads + Web Conversions

Create Competitive Advantage

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