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Does inbound marketing work for senior care?

Inbound marketing answers brings all your marketing together by managing SEO, paid digital, sales in a way that improves the customer experience and boosts your online visibility and outcomes.

Inbound marketing runs counter to the traditional approach of mass media which by definition interrupts consumers while trying to get a share of their attention.  Inbound marketing works by presenting content that answers prospect questions while it addresses the requirements for both effective SEO (search engine optimization) and digital ads.  

Using an inbound marketing approach along with an inbound marketing system, businesses of any size are able to increase their market share and their prospect to customer close rates.

How inbound works for senior living

Traditional advertising requires a constant long-term budget, while the content that inbound marketing produces actually grows in value over time because that content is viewed and shared by prospects and included in search engine rankings.

The inbound process also improves the outcome of digital ads because of the built-in sticking power that results from content that prospects find valuable. Together the SEO and ad support found in inbound marketing for senior living create greater cost efficiencies in both marketing and sales.

Customers who are served with inbound content in their buying journey are often more qualified that clients who result from ads, because they are seeking for what the senior living provider offers and have started searching on their own.   This boosts sales by building more page one listings for a variety of key words, and improves the value of the brand over time by creating trust and authority online.  

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