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Does inbound marketing work for funeral homes?

Inbound marketing is an effective tool for preneeds and at-needs funeral home marketing.


Inbound marketing runs counter to the traditional approach to mass media which seeks to interrupt consumers in an attempt to gain their attention.  Inbound marketing works by offering valuable content to meet people's need for information and answers as they become aware of a problem or challenge, seek to make a decision and become customers of a funeral home.

Traditional advertising requires a constant long-term budget, while inbound marketing actually grows in value over time, as content is indexed by the search engines and builds organic search.

Customers who are met in their buying journey with inbound content are usually more qualified that clients who come from ads, since they are already looking for what the funeral home offers and have initiated a search. This boosts at-needs sales by building top page listings for a variety of terms, and builds the value of the brand over time by creating trust and thought leadership. Preneeds sales are also increased by inbound marketing because the many questions that people have are answered by online content that builds trust and name identification for the funeral home.

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