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Inbound is the System that Delivers Growth

Inbound marketing is the system that brings together all the elements for growth. It delivers new customers with search engine optimization and digital ads, provides content that builds trust and creates stickiness,  supports inbound sales that close more deals more quickly, and service that educates customers while providing the channels for fast response.

How we do it:

  • You select the Essential Inbound component you want to implement--add them all or add one at a time.
  • Story delivers and maintains  your new marketing resources based upon our experience and best practices.
  • We provide training and tracking so you see the progress you are making along with putting new tools to work.

Make sense and make the most of  your growth opportunities.

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Essential Inbound: Find and meet customers where they are and win their trust, so you reach more, close more, close them faster.

How Story Collaborative Delivers Growth

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How we deliver Essential Inbound.

  • A piecemeal approach to marketing, sales and service is impossible to track or buy economically.
  • We provide the building blocks of a sustainable, strategic approach to growth.
  • Enterprise technology is delivered for the small to medium-sized enterprise, improving marketing, sales and customer service.



  • Search engine optimization that is rooted in a valuable customer experience attracts and keeps prospects.
  • Digital ads extend your reach using sophisticated targeting to decrease ad costs, and capture new leads.
  • Seamless response tools make it easy for customers to learn more and connect as you respond more consistently and effectively.
  • Inbound sales and customer service are more effective.
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Select the Essential Inbound elements you are ready or ask us about the most strategic starting point for your organization.

SEO Foundation



Keywords & Links

Inbound content

Monthly coaching & tracking

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Lead Builder



Convert web visitors to leads

Reduce lost web leads

Double your leads in 3 months

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Online Authority



Answer Customer Questions Online

Become an Online Authority site with content + SEO

Stand out from the rest

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Sales Enablement



Improve your close rate

Use tech and playbooks that increase effectiveness & save time

Shorten sales cycle

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