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Better End of Year Donations

Your Ask, Can Be a Gift [Free Webinar } 

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End of year donor asks are important.  

It's no secret that end of year giving represents the largest percentage annually.  Your organization relies upon the resources that end of giving provides. The challenge you have to overcome is that your request is in a stack of others - either electronic or printed.

How do you make your end of year communication more effective, whether or not you've already sent out a letter.

Webinar Host: David Mills has worked with schools and nonprofits around the country for decades helping them to develop and grow with multiplication strategies that allow them to reach their most important goals.

David Mills, CMO & Webinar Host

Give value to the donor. 

When you convert your end of year ask into a great experience for donors, it moves your request closer to the top of the stack. Your end of year donor request can build your brand story, strengthen relationships and increase the amount of support you receive - it if is built in the right way.

You'll Learn:

  • The most effective communication approaches for end-of-year requests.
  • How what you know about your donors can change the way you ask.
  • Personalizing your requests to increase response in surprising ways.
  • Serve your donors in the way you ask.

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