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February 18, 2021 at 11 a.m. EST

The 2021 Customer Reset
7 Keys for Growth

Live Workshop 

Long term customer loyalties have been disrupted and where they reconnect depends on how your adapt. Get inside the head of your customer and get 7 keys to position for growth in 2021.

COVID accelerated important trends that were already in process while it shook loose long term loyalties. Winning more great customers means connecting in new ways. 

  • The market is rewarding companies that understand and connect with the large population of people who are now open to a new brand relationship.
  • Discover how smart companies are using the COVID disruption to extend their competitive advantage.
  • Who Should Attend: Business Owners, Marketing Directors, CMOs, Sales Directors, C-Suite, and Entrepreneurs.

David Mills
Chief Growth Officer, Founder


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Feb 18, 11 a.m EST