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More quality customers, consistently.

Building a consistent flow of new customers requires that you reach them at every stage of their journey. That’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, rather it comes from a clear understanding about how people find you online, and what their needs are as they move from awareness, to consideration and then decide where to do business. Valuable content and low-friction response tools that connect you with people, built trust, along with conversational marketing approaches make connects that fill your pipeline with prospects.

How we do it:

  • Reach people throughout their journey from awareness to decision.
  • Build a trust relationship by providing valuable information that customers want.
  • Ensure that people can find you on the top of search pages no matter where they are on their decision journey.
  • Create a clear process and easy steps so more customers say, “yes.”
  • Ensure that your online reviews including a growing number of positive ratings.

Connect, build trust and win business

Improve Your Customer Aquisition


Customer Acquisition: Provide value that convinces customers that you are the most knowledgeable and trustworthy source of help, then make it easy to get started.

How Story Collaborative Delivers Growth

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Increasing the rate and quality of your customer acquisition.

  • Evaluate your customer journey to fill the gaps and step into opportunities.
  • Solve for search. Use SEO to make sure people find you, first.
  • Create powerful online experiences with the right content and response opportunities.


  • Create a pathway to understand how to get started and make it easy to become a customer.
  • Track responses across your customer journey and continue to fill in gaps and improve content.
  • Provide a great handshake between marketing and sales and feedback for improvements to boost lead quality
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Increase your leads by ensuring that people who visit your website, or are searching for services in your local community find you online.  

Customer Journey Map & Gaps

$2500/one time

$2500/one time

Map Your Customer Journey

Identify Gaps and Barriers

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Reputation & Local Search



Improve Local SEO

Increase customer visits & calls

Increase new customer growth rate

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Customer Aquisition Builder



Convert web visitors to leads

Reduce lost web leads

Double your leads in 3 months

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