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Brand Story Checkup:

Your brand story holds the promise for your future.  Get it right and you'll grow.

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Human brains are hungry - for stories.

 They scan the environment for stories to consume, and when they find one - like a tractor beam on Star Trek - they lock on and pull it in (pardon the mixed movie metaphors). If you want to  connect with more potential customers and actually get noticed, crafting a brand story is a critical first step.


Hosted by David Mills, CMO of Story Collaborative - he's managed, supported and helped developed brands nationally for over 20 years.




Here are the facts.

Without an intentional brand story:

  • You're much easier to ignore.
  • Your marketing and ads look like everyone else's
  • Your message doesn't connect to the buying decision center of the brain
  • Customers are confused about why they should go with you

Are you ready to grow? Find out about the health of your brand story, and how a brand story can help you grow.  

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