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Building Preschool Enrollment:

What Schools Can Learn from the Top Preschool Companies in America

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You Have to Fill the Class Every Year.  

Preschool represents a key enrollment age, but you have to fill a large percentage of the preschool every year.  You're competing against public preschools and the massive marketing power of corporate & franchise preschools.  Learn how to get parents attention, increase tours and build preschool enrollment to fuel school growth.


Hosted by David Mills, CMO of Story Collaborative - he's managed, supported and coached preschools from California to Texas over 20 years, and provides marketing strategy to private schools nationally.




Learn How the Top 20 Reach Parents.

We've uncovered the marketing practices the top preschool companies use.  We'll share what you can do to get more tours, and build enrollment consistently.  You'll learn:

  • Ten things the Top 20 do to reach parents.  
  • Opportunity areas that allow your school to find parents the top 20 are missing.
  • A preschool marketing checklist based on the practices of the Top 20 Preschool Companies.

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